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    “Shape Your Environment” Mastermind Group

    Motivation isn’t enough if you want to achieve lasting change. It’s your environment that shapes your life. Changes in your physical, mental, and social environment…
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    2020 Resilience Resolutions Countdown

    Welcome to the Resilience Resolutions Countdown 2020! Join us and celebrate the holidays with women who, like you, want to take their lives to the next level. Learn from each other, inspire and support each other and make the year 2020 as magical as it sounds! What do you get? - Tools, exercises, and templates to define your resolutions and goals - Every day a little creative challenge to get your ideas flowing - All benefits of our online Resilience community - Spontaneous live sessions and webinars
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    Corona Crash Course Emotional Resilience

    Now that we're all stuck at home because of the coronavirus, we all get overwhelmed by negative feelings and thoughts now and then. What we need is an extra dose of emotional resilience. So that we are able to deal with our negative states and bounce back. After this special Corona Crash Course on "Emotional Resilience," you will come out of this crisis like new. This course is an updated version of the Mini-Course Emotional Resilience that I launched last year.
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    Mastermind Group Emotional Resilience

    The Mastermind Group consists of 6 to 10 women with one common goal: to build emotional resilience and balance and taking a next step in…
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    Mini Course Emotional Resilience

    This Emotional Resilience mini course is designed as an add-on to the free Resilience! booklet. It helps you understand the six stages of emotional resilience.…