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each negative emotion hides a positive quality
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Hi, I'm Donna

I clearly remember the first time I felt stuck in life. I had been a teacher for about six years, and I slowly began to feel trapped in between the four walls of my classroom. I was desperate – since I was a kid I had wished to become a teacher, I was good at it, and it brought me financial security. So how could it be that I wanted to run away from it so badly?

And thus, I struggled on, telling myself that I should be grateful and persistent and that I needed a perfect plan for the future before I could quit my job.

It took me about two years and much encouragement from my partner at the time, to allow myself to resign from my job and move on.
I had no clue what to do next, but what a relief!

What startled me most was the response of my female colleagues. Where I expected just disappointment, misunderstanding, and criticism, I also met envy and admiration from those who felt just as trapped in their jobs as I had.

Now, decades later, I realize I am an expert on getting’ unstuck.’
I’ve been through several significant changes in my life, and each one made my life more vibrant and dynamic.

It’s not a trait. It’s who I am: “a restless soul”… What makes it work, and makes me use the word expert, is that I accept my restlessness and work with it consciously.
Instead of suppressing my restless nature for the sake of financial security or societal status, I embrace my emotions and use them as guidance.

And what if you’re not as eager for change or dynamics, but you yearn for stability and security? Like my close friend and colleague teacher who quit her job shortly after I did. We both ended up in the same dynamic freelance job.
Unlike me, she didn’t flourish in the situation. She needed some time to become aware of and embrace her need for balance and structure, and when she did, she went happily back to being a teacher, and she has been ever since.

It’s just the same. 

Don’t think you have to be as adventurous as your friends. Just embrace your emotions and use them as stepping stones for growth and self-realization. You don’t need unique qualities, only consciousness, and a desire to deal better with challenging life events.

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