Quarantine Coronavirus Vlog

My husband Rono and I chose to be self-quarantined for two weeks after he returned from a trip oversees. We started our Quarantine Coronavirus Vlog, and a new platform We’re One, to share some of our experiences. 

One of the keys to getting through this crisis in a positive way is Resilience! And building resilience starts with a supportive social environment.

Being married is an absolute blessing, but there are other ways to gain confidence from the people around you. They don’t need to be all physically around – connecting online with a group of people on a daily basis will help each member of the group coping with the day to day challenges.

Joining a Mastermind Emotional Resilience is probably one of the best things to do if COVID-19 has a strong impact on your sense of faith, security, and confidence.

Or, put yourself to the test, to see if your environment is strong enough to help you through the crisis. 

Here is one of the episodes of our Quarantine Coronavirus Vlog:

Watch other episodes on our YouTube channel.

check your environment


How resilient are you in times of crisis?

Resilience is not a character trait, nor requires any specific talent. What you need is the right environment. How supportive are your circumstances and the people around you?

Will they help you through the crisis?